Omega Life system provides a convenient solution for a complex need. Take personal care and home care to the next level with our easy to use system.

The life system is built to deliver flexibility by adhering to individual needs accordingly. Pick and choose the components that assists your loved one's confidence, living aids, health and wellbeing while continuing to feel safe.

By developing multiple motion sensors, Omega Life achieves a new degree of personalisation in assistive technology. Whether you want to receive alerts, simple notifications based on timers, or would like to convert your elder’s living space into a smart home, our system can be personalised to your needs.


Omega Life Components

Our large selection of products will allow you to design a solution to fit your exact needs.


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In addition to monitoring, appliances can be controlled with our smart sockets or adaptors, remote control unit and smartphone app. For example, if your loved one has not turned on the fan and it’s a really hot day.


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With the life system, doors and windows can easily be monitored with these wireless sensors. Notifications to the life App can include opening at any time, during a predefined time period, night time for instance, and if, say, a door is left open for too long.
Our sensors can also be used to monitor appliances, cupboards etc within the life system. Useful to know if, say, the fridge has been opened that morning.


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By monitoring usage of appliances, life will notify you of any unusual activity or lack of activity. For example, if a kettle has not been turned on for a set amount of time or by a certain time.


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Our wireless motion sensors can trigger notifications to the life app when any movement is detected or not detected within a room or area. This can be at a preferred period of time set by you. For example, the app can alert you if your loved one hasn’t been in the kitchen for a set amount of hours at lunchtime. Simply set times within the app and the solution will adapt to your cared for’s routine. This can also provide basic location information.


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The Hub is the main controller for the life system. Small and discreet, it communicates wirelessly with other devices and simply plugs into an existing broadband router.
If the person you care for does not have broadband, we can supply a 4G router.


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These wireless buttons are part of the life solution and can be installed anywhere within the home. When pressed, the buttons will send an immediate notification to the life App for carers to take action. As they are cost effective, multiple buttons can be used in different rooms in the house such as the kitchen, lounge, bathroom or bedside table.
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How to install the life system

Get all the information you need to easily install the life system in your loved ones home.

We do offer an installation service by fully trained engineers - contact us for details.

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The life App

The life app works with the life system to provide notifications and information.

We do offer an installation service by fully trained engineers - contact us for details.

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