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Omega life is the next generation of home care systems that enables more comfortable, independent lives for all of us.

The life system is built to enable people to stay in their own homes for as long as possible by increasing their autonomy, self-confidence and mobility.

A discreet solution of wireless buttons and sensors with long battery life forms the basis of the system in your loved one's home. This, combined with a simple to use app on smartphones, provides notifications and information at your fingertips.

The solution is grounded in an easy to use app.

It displays information on activity such as door sensor and current location.

You can store important contact information for ease of access, including, group, emergency, non-emergency and advice helpline contact details.


Messages can be left for each other within your group, for instance, about the medical needs or just the groceries required by the person you care for.

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All the features you need.

System set up is very easy to do, just apply your knowledge of your loved one’s day-to-day lives and alerts will display in the simple to use app. You can rest assured that you will receive alerts when you need them allowing you peace of mind.

Omega life keeps you informed 24/7 enhancing your ability to care for your loved one. Freeing you from that constant uncertainty, you can get on with your life and enjoy quality time with all your loved ones.

A group can be created in the life app which you can invite others to meaning care can be shared and reactions to situations can be made faster as everyone stays constantly informed.

No 3rd parties, no unknown people, no wasted time; the right information delivered directly to you and your group.

We have made the installation as simple as possible and can, optionally, provide installation by our fully trained and vetted engineers.

Along with simple set up, we have made the system easy to alter and expand as your needs change. Even if the person you care for moves home, simply take the system with you.

As Omega life helps you care for your loved ones, we constantly care for your system. We take care of all the technical details so you can be confident in your system at all times. Additionally, your data security is a primary concern for us so we use highly secure systems for all elements of the solution.

The life system will be continually developed to ensure the latest technologies can be incorporated, that other equipment and systems can be integrated and that your investment remains a wise one.

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By monitoring usage of appliances, life will notify you of any unusual activity or lack of activity. For example, if a kettle has not been turned on for a set amount of time or by a certain time.

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Our sensors can be used to monitor appliances that can be open or closed, for example, cupboards, drawers and fridges. This way the system can notify you if your loved one is taking part in their daily activities, for example, if the fridge has been opened that morning.

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These wireless buttons are part of the life solution and can be installed anywhere within the home. When pressed, the buttons will send an immediate notification the app for the carers to take action. As they are cost effective, multiple buttons can be used in different rooms in the house such as the kitchen, lounge, bathroom or bedside table.

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With the life system doors and windows can easily be monitored with these wireless sensors. Notifications to the life app can include opening at any time, during a predefined time period, night time for instance, and if, say, a door is left open for too long.

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Our wireless motion sensors can trigger notifications to the life app when any movement is detected or not detected within a room or area. This can be at a preferred period of time set by you. For example, the app can alert you if your loved one hasn’t been in the kitchen for a set amount of hours at lunchtime. Simply set times within the app and the solution will adapt to your cared for’s routine. This can also provide basic location information.

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In addition to monitoring, appliances can be controlled remotely with our smart sockets or adaptors and smart-phone app. For example, if your loved one has not turned on the fan and it’s a really hot day.

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Whether lights are on or off within the home can be monitored and controlled remotely with our smart switches and smartphone app.
Lights, whether on or off, can be monitored and controlled remotely with our smart switches and smart-phone app.
Additionally, individual or groups of lights can be configured to turn on or off at certain times or if, for instance, an emergency button is pressed.

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life HUB

The Hub is the main controller for the life system. Small and discreet, it communicates wirelessly with other devices and simply plugs into an existing broadband router. If the person you care for does not have broadband, we can supply a 4G router.

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Plus Hubs are located within the home to unleash the extra benefits of the life plus system. They communicate wirelessly and require only a mains socket for power. The plus hub allows you to be notified if emergency triggers are activated, for example, movement of valuables, someone entering or leaving a room or changes in temperature. The quantity required depends on factors such as the size of the area and construction and layout of the home - simply contact us and we will be happy to advise on your requirements.

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Adding a life plus wearable device to a dog’s, or assistance animal’s, collar not only allows for locational awareness of the animal but also provides an additional emergency button for your loved one. For instance, if your loved one falls and cannot reach the nearest emergency button, they may be able to call a pet/assistance animal to them and press the emergency button on their collar.

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Where the life system can monitor cupboards and drawers that may contain valuable items, the life plus system is the next step in protection of your valuables. Wireless asset devices can be attached to valuables to monitor their movement and the ambient temperature around it. Life plus provides enhanced protection for that jewellery box, documents or the masterpiece hanging in the lounge.

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Certain circumstances make it important to know the person you care for’s specific location and provide mobile emergency buttons for added peace of mind. The life plus wearable devices provide accurate information on your loved one’s location within the home. Notifications can be sent straight to the app if they leave or enter a particular room or area. Emergency buttons are built into the wearable so if your loved one needs assistance; the app will notify you immediately.  The wearables are available in different formats (wristband, badge etc), they are discreet, comfortable to wear, can be worn in the shower and have a long battery life.

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